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I have been having my hair cut and colored by Sherilynn Smart for over 25 years. I am extremely picky and she always gets it right.  My daughters went to Sherilynn’s salon for many years while they lived in the Bay Area, including for special events like prom.  Sherilynn and her team will do the hair and makeup for 14 of us for my daughter’s wedding in June. We would not even think of trusting anyone else with this huge and important day!  I love the atmosphere of Sherilynn Jade Salon. The staff is friendly and efficient.  In addition, I have observed Sherilynn to be a patient and thorough educator to her many apprentices over the years. To her great credit, she has turned out many professional stylists.

I was in yesterday and I must tell you that she really listens to what I want done, and offers great feedback not to mention great tips on how to handle my fine hair.  The appointment prior, back in December she mentioned to me that she just finished taking a class where everyone learned the techniques of cutting fine hair to make it appear thicker.  She explained to me that she really enjoyed the class and I watched as she cut my hair out to the side telling me why she was cutting it that way.  It looked amazing, and I was very thrilled.  I got compliments on it by my husband and family too.  Shannda really takes her time to do the proper haircut, while other stylists I have been to don't do that.  It truly shows in her work.  I myself have learned more about my hair type and the best ways to get it to behave, and get the end result that I want.

Thank you Sherilynn for offering these classes to your stylists, and I know that Shannda really enjoys all of them.  Thanks also for the nice little gifts and the coupons you offer your clients, that is a nice touch.